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Luxury Faux Furs - it feels just like natural fur and protect the animals.

For those who love he extraordinary...

CARMA - luxurious and flattering, ornamental and self-confident, youthful and stylish.

Interior accessories give every home its very own and unique charm that is almost matchless.

In the East Westphalian factory CARMA stunning Plaids and pillows get to see the light of day since 1990.

The seal „Made in Germany“ as well as a premium quality of faux furs

and a broad colour selection built the DNA of the company.

In addition to our big range _ products we of course offer individual

customisations and special designs.

Thanks to our location of business in Bielefeld we can guarantee short fabrication and delivery times.


Made in Germany - Europe's largest selection of faux furs

Design Ralf Bartelsheim

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