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Luxury Faux Furs - it feels just like natural fur and protect the animals.

Since 1990, CARMA has been offering high-quality and exclusive living accessories. The concept of CARMA has developed to a real classic. Our imitation fur products advanced to real eye-catcher procuring you warmness as well as wellness sensations.

Our philosophy - exclusive products for exclusive clients. CARMA, as a brand, guarantees you best quality and good taste. We manufacture finest materials and produce cosy imitation fur accessories giving you the sensation they are real.
Carma's faux fur blankets and cushions are unbelievably soft and incredibly textured.

For the lining of the rugs, we use a very soft wool / cashmere blend.

Made in Germany - Europe's largest selection of faux furs

Design Ralf Bartelsheim

Carma Ralf Bartesheim

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